Tezos (XTZ): A secure, upgradeable cryptocurrency

Tezos is a self-amending cryptographic ledger. It achieves consensus not just about the state of a ledger, but about the state of its own protocol. Tezos is a blockchain platform designed to support smart contracts and decentralized applications. Its features include a formal verification system (proof-of-stake), designed to enable a transparent, democratic stakeholder community.

For more on Tezos including pricing and historical insights see: Tezos (XTZ)

You know what's the most common sentence you hear among #Tezos developers?
"Let me know if I can help"
And that's why this community is amazing 🎉

ICYMI: @TimDraper shared his thoughts on the potential for #Tezos during @TQuorum_ last October.

Here is what he had to say:

Hear @LabosNomades President, @MichelMauny, deliver a presentation about #Tezos at the #POPL 2021 symposium today beginning at 1:30 PM EST (19:30 CET):

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