MetaMask: A secure crypto wallet making distributed digital finance easy

MetaMask is a well thought out crypto wallet you can access from your web browser. It is easy to install and operate.

Here are some tips that can accelerate your use of the browser.


Over the last few years it has become easier and easier for the average Internet user to use cryptocurrencies. Organizations like Coinbase have made it easy to anyone to convert funds from banks or credit cards to crypto currencies and then transfer the crypto currency to anyone who has a compatible digital wallet.

Bitcoin really started this revolution and all indications are it will always be the leader of the pack in terms of crypto currencies. But there are others. One of increasing importance is Ethereum, which enables an incredibly smart use of blockchain technologies. Ethereum allows any user to create smart contracts that automatically execute when certain criteria are met. These smart contracts can include creation of other digital currencies, for example. Ethereum crypto currencies built to a standard known as ERC20 can be held and tracked in digital wallets for users.


MetaMask is one of these digital wallets. You can use it by visiting the Metamask website directly, or you can install a plugin in your browser and access it while interacting with websites. This is a very convenient feature since there are websites you can authorize to directly communicate with Metamask to make your online activities more seamless. 

Since MetaMask is a crypto wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem, it will Let you store and track any Etherium based cryptocurrency. It lets you buy, store and send tokens securely and also enables you to explore blockchain-based applications. Metamask is designed with privacy and security in mind, you are always in control of how your information is used. This is important to underscore, MetaMask generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data. You decide what is shared. Many other crypto wallets store things in ways that have been proven to be easier to hack and come with more risk than MetaMask. 

A growing number of web based applications enable direct interaction with MetaMask, but if you need to send or receive Ethereum to others all you need is an address, this is made easy too. 

Here is a simple overview of MetaMask and its promise of a new Internet powered by the Etherium blockchain:

Here is how to get started: 

The first step is getting the MetaMask browser extension installed on either a Chrome, Firefox, Brave or Opera browser.  The workflow for installing the extension is about the same for each. You can do it from the extension directory of your browser or can visit the MetaMask download page at:

Select your browser type and download. The will open up the Chrome extension page for MetaMask and with one click you can install the extension. 

As soon as it is installed, you can create an account. To do that, open the extension (click the icon to do that). You will be asked to Create a new password. You will want to keep this one offline so you will never lose it. You will also be provided with a 12 word seed phrase. Save these words too, you will need these if you ever need to restore your account.  These are important. Print them off and put them in your safe deposit box or home safe or other place where you can get them back. 

This is it, now you have MetaMask installed and an account created. 

Now you can deposit funds by clicking the buy button, or just keep learning the world of Ethereum and Ethereum based crypto coins. 

And you can also receive crypto based currency. To do that, the sender needs to know your crypto wallet address.  That is easy to give them now. In MetaMask, just click the three dot menu at the top right side of MetaMask and select expand view. Then copy the address and send it. 

Send us the address via our contact form and we will send you some crypto currency now so you can test that out. This is our way of saying thanks for being a reader!

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