Kyber Network (KNC): A protocol for exchanging tokens

Fully on-chain liquidity protocol that enables any token to be usable anywhere. Most used #DeFi protocol.

For more including insights into market trends, pricing and history see: Kyber Network

3/ #DeFi has many use cases and possibilities. No single liquidity protocol can fit the needs of all LPs, takers, and other market participants. This new architecture will allow Kyber to rapidly innovate and integrate new protocols into our network to cater to different needs.

We're excited to announce Kyber 3.0 transitioning Kyber from a single protocol to a hub of purpose-driven liquidity protocols catered to various DeFi use cases. This is the biggest change to Kyber's architecture incl. the new DMM & a KNC Migration proposal

.@KyberNetwork to launch biggest update yet in version 3.0. It will be massive overhaul of #protocol architecture to support more #liquidity protocols, new dynamic #automated market making and more.

$KNC is up nearly 10% from week's open.

2/ Kyber 3.0 will remove past limitations to growth (e.g. high gas consumption, partially-permissioned model) to allow Kyber to quickly adapt to DeFi trends and foster innovation, while providing a host of new benefits to liquidity providers, takers, developers, and $KNC holders.

1/ Over the last year, #DeFi has been evolving at a rapid pace, and we had previously addressed the key architectural constraints and challenges we had in responding to these changes in a post last October.

Congrats to @KyberNetwork team who just announced plans for Kyber 3.0 - the biggest upgrade to Kyber’s architecture including the launch of New Dynamic MM Protocol and KNC Migration Proposal! #KyberV3 #DMM

.@KyberNetwork has announced its Kyber 3.0 upgrade, which will introduce a Dynamic Market Maker (DMM).

The team claims that this will eliminate problems such as low capital efficiency and high slippage.

@KyberNetwork aims to expand the network of liquidity markets with Kyber 3.0, by doing so, will compete with other exchanges such as @UniswapProtocol

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