Basic Attention Token (BAT): A new way to browse the web

Blockchain-based digital advertising.

BAT is an Ethereum token that powers Brave Software’s blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Internet users who browse the web using Brave’s free web browser (available at can choose to replace the ads they see with ads on Brave’s ad network. Users then receive BAT from advertisers as compensation for their attention.

For more see: Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This Friday, don't miss our AMA with @brianbondy (Brave CTO & co-founder) and @dietrich (IPFS Ecosystem Lead) who will discuss native IPFS integration in the Brave browser.

Why should you care that Brave browser integrated IPFS? This is a big step in redefining the architecture of the internet and will ultimately make things go faster. Onwards and upwards!

Wednesday in a webinar at Products That Count: @jsecretan speaks at @ProductsCount: Brave VP of Services & Operations on the Rewards of Online Advertising. Details and tickets: #userexperience #onlineads #userrewards

NEW: β€œIPFS is important for blockchain and for self-described data integrity,” said Brian Bondy, CTO and co-founder of @Brave. β€œThe @IPFS network gives access to content even if it has been censored by corporations and nation-states.”
By @benjaminopowers

With today's desktop browser update (v1.19), Brave is the first browser to offer a native @IPFS integration, enabling users to seamlessly browse the decentralized Web,
and increasing content availability and Internet resilience.

BAT utility has grown beyond the @brave platform, into secondary utility channels and use cases. Check out the State of the BAT for the latest stats & initiatives, and join our RFC event to participate in the design of the next generation of Brave Ads.

Read about our Request for Comments and Code to have a bake-off among next-gen blockchains for best future BAT THEMIS infrastructure β€”

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